Custom upholstery

Dissatisfied with your current furniture? Want a different look?

Before you spend your money on costly new furniture consider a few things.

Has your current furniture withstood the test of time? Do you have older pieces—perhaps given to you by relatives—that have proven to be durable over time? With custom upholstery you may be able to renew the look of your current furniture while taking advantage of the fact that its quality of construction undoubtedly surpasses that of most new furniture.

Does your current furniture fit your lifestyle? Perhaps the shape and size of your current furniture is already ideal for your family and living space. Rather than trying to find a new piece that meets your needs and looks as you desire you might consider reupholstering an old piece which has already proven itself to meet your needs. You can select a fabric covering that is ideal for your situation—whether you need something formal for an infrequently-used room or something that can withstand the rigors of children and pets.

Do you have a very specific look that you are going for in your living space? With upholstery there is no limit to available fabrics: you can select from a virtually unlimited number of colors, texture and prints and get just what you want. In this way you can easily coordinate all of the fabrics in your living space and achieve the specific look you desire. Pieces by different manufacturers can be reupholstered to coordinate with each other, your window coverings, your rugs and your walls. Upholstery gives you the most options when it comes to redecorating since you are not limited to the few fabrics that are available on new furniture that might suit your needs.

We hope that you’ll consider the potential benefits of reupholstering your time-tested furniture pieces. Its a great way to combine your current furniture’s strengths with being able to select just the look you desire. Roomers can take on any upholstery project and help transform your living space into just what you’ve always wanted. We can help you select from an amazing assortment of fabrics and then use them to reupholster your furniture—from small chairs to sofas to pillows to match. Please contact us or visit our shoppe if you are considering renovating your living space with upholstery.