Complete interior decorating services

We’ve been bringing quality interior decorating services to Richmond at affordable prices for over 30 years. Our business has grown since its inception to include all facets of the home decorating process. From contemporary to traditional, we have all the resources to match whatever style and budget you have in mind.  You’ll find a list of our service offerings below. If you need a service that’s not listed, just give us a call: chances are we do it.

Interior Design

We specialize in completely revitalizing your living space and have the resources to implement any job and the creativity to take your home places you’ve never dreamed about. If you need interior design services please contact us or drop by and visit our shoppe. You’ll be glad you put the destiny of your living space in the hands of Roomers’ expert team.

Interior Redesign

Interior redesign consists of redecorating your room with your preexisting furniture and accessories. You’d be amazed at the difference we can make by simply rearranging your room and selectively incorporating the great things you’ve acquired over time. And, because you are using items you already own, interior redesign is both inexpensive and relatively fast. More on our interior redesign services >>

Custom Window Treatments

In every configuration we can create the window treatments that best suit you and your decor. From the traditional to the contemporary and beyond we can create treatments in a vast array of styles, textures, colors, and materials. More on our custom window treatments >>

Custom Bed Coverings

With custom bedding you can go a long way toward establishing your own bedroom style. Just like window treatments (to which bedding can be matched) custom bed coverings can make use of a vast array of fabrics. Whether your taste runs to elegant, casual, traditonal or fun, your bedroom can match your style. More on our custom bed coverings >>

Custom Upholstery

Dissatisfied with your current furniture? Want a different look? Before you spend your money on costly new furniture there are many good reasons to consider reupholstering your current furniture instead. More on our custom upholstery services >>

Wall Coverings

Wall coverings can go a long way toward changing the atmosphere of your living space. Any look and feel is possible with the proper selection and installation of wall coverings, and Roomers is more than happy to help you with both. More on our custom wall coverings >>

In addition to the above we provide services like, custom and ready-made area rugs, custom furniture, furniture placement and just about anything else your home needs to make it more enjoyable to you. Just contact us or visit our shoppe and we’ll happily consult with you as to your special interior decorating needs.